About Us

Vision Statement

The Maskwacis Young Spirit Winds Society empowers healthy, balanced, proud First Nations youth in a safe, respectful and holistic environment.

Mission Statement

While maintaining high quality standards of service, Maskwacis Young Spirit Winds Society offers First Nations youth holistic treatment, aftercare & support by utilizing cultural teachings, appropriate resources and partnerships.


The inception of Maskwacis Young Spirit Winds Society (MYSWS) began April 1, 2006. The program started as a co-ed day treatment program to help the youth of Maskwacis ages 12 to 17 in dealing with addictions and other challenging behaviours they may be faced with. The program has since become all female and all male program in alternate rotations. MYSWS is part of a national entity of the Youth Solvent Addictions Committee (YSAC). MYSWS is one of ten other treatment programs across the country.

MYSWS is a stand-alone program operating under the authority of the Four Nations Chiefs and Council since April 1, 2006. Board of Directors are appointed by the Chiefs of each of the respective communities, Ermineskin, Samson, Louis Bull and Montana. The program has been funded by agreements with First Nations Health and Innuit Branch (FNHIB). The funding agreements have been signed by the Chiefs of the Maskwacis community.